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Boccaccio's Decameron and the Ciceronian Renaissance

Advance praise for Boccaccio's Decameron and the Ciceronian Renaissance 

by Michaela Paasche Grudin and Robert Grudin

"Based on an intimate familiarity with Cicero's works, no less than with Boccaccio's own, Grudin and Grudin's thorough-going study of the Decameron's literary debt to Cicero is a major contribution to our understanding of Boccaccio's masterpiece in particular and of his literary methodology in general. Indeed, the Grudins have provided the most thoughtful consideration of this important subject since Attilio Hortis. Without doubt, this volume is a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in Boccaccio and early Renaissance humanism."--Michael Papio, associate professor of Italian, University of Massachusetts Amherst and President of the American Boccaccio Association

 “In crisp, energetic, lucid, and humane prose, the Grudins tell a marvelous literary story of Boccaccio’s engagement with Cicero—the man and the texts. They then forge a comprehensive reading of the Decameron in light of previously neglected Ciceronian texts and fragments that laid the foundation for Boccaccio’s exploration of nature, governance, ethics, and virtue. Full of generous primary quotations, driven in its focus, and bold in its historical assertions, the Grudins' book contributes to our understanding not only of Humanism and Realism, but also of civics, culture, and Democracy itself.”--Michael Calabrese, professor of English, California State University, Los Angeles