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a thanksgiving poem

 This is a poem that actually has a title...


an elegy to the bush administration

he called himself
the decider
because he liked
to make decisions
though he didn’t like
to think or learn
too much beforehand

he preferred instead
to go from the gut
but we now know
it was all
a linguistic ploy
tricked up by that
affected texas accent
to mask that his decisions
came from god

such a strategy
has the advantage
of removing responsibility
and makes mistakes
a virtual impossibility
but there is a problem
with such strategies

those unaccustomed
to thinking have
been known to mistake
the voice in their head
for god’s
when in fact
it is just the voice of thought
the sound of an idea

it all makes one wonder
if that mystifying
unaccustomed voice
ever questioned
why none of god’s
divine decisions
ever seemed
to turn out right
for it would seem
that god
would have had
a better record
of making
the right choice

thanksgiving day 2008