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a new poem of sorts

This poem was originally written a few years ago as part of a series of poems I did while working on my dissertation and was an attempt to grasp some of the complex theory I was using in my dissertation. I've decided to try to take the better parts of those poems and get rid of the more convoluted, pedantic parts in hopes of salvaging some things of value.

The poem below is a distillation of what I've always thought to be the best of the bunch.


John 1:1

a word in the beginning is the genesis of poetry
the finding of a single word can lead to musings

that grow into emotions and evolve into
what was once described as a spontaneous

overflow but now there is no tranquility
this is not a time for poets to be mired

in transcendentia or romantic longings for
the reconciliation of our selves and our world

this had long been the realm of religion
but now we are left with politicians

who offer hope with nihilistic invocations
of jesus’ name as just another empty word

but a word in the beginning can be a password
into primeval machinations of language itself

yet its genesis must be free of unnecessary
pedantry and eschew the sesquipedalian

it must transcend the mundanity of the diurnal
and whether it is like the song of the nightingale

or the blackbird whether it invokes the angels
of bethlehem or benjamin in the end

it must survive in the ritual of its recitation
in its becoming its reading its writing

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I would say that you not

I would say that you not only "salvaged some things of value" but created something of lasting literary artistry, spiritual intensity, and philosophical beauty. Much gratitude for the poetic labors endured and shared,

Founder of Creative Thinkers International
author of The American Poet Who Went Home Again
and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts on File)

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Aberjhani, Thank you so much

Thank you so much for your comment!

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Your poem is funny.