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Dec 2012

Many years ago I read the brain-mind bulletin regularly and went on some of the seminars she wrote about:  Guided Imigary-With-Music given by an enlightened group of parapsychologists, some of who worked with Leary at Harvard.  They noted that even with eliminating the LSD the accompaning Baroque-classical backround music mimiking the alpha rhythms of the brain seemed to produce a" hypna-gogic'-like state of hyper suggestibility.   Utilizing the music as transporting medium, the therapist is able to enter the subject's altered state of awareness as partner to the subject's symbolic experience ,elicting insights while verbally leading the subject toward blocked trauma sites seemingly unreachable by any other known therapy mechanism. I was the only layman in the group of some twenty psychoogists and psychiatrists at the seminar; thanks to the Bulliten.  The leader of the group said I had a "good head".  I still have many of the Baroque music tapes used in that seminar;and a crystal-clear memory of some of the most astounding psychical experiences I have had the great privilege of attaining at that seminar. So now at age seventy(35 years later) I would like to learn more about the Brain and Mind.  Hopefully you folks can help lead me back to it  and to the future. 

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