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Rolling Prairie, IN
Feb 2011

Born in LaPorte, IN, I grew up in the wooded countryside with my mother, father and sister. I loved to spend time with my family and friends where I would often be the performer with a magic show or on the piano. I would often spend time with my cousin in the basement creating plays for the rest of the family to watch. This creativity grew and at the age of 15, I started writing stories for my aunt and dad to act out during family Christmas gatherings. The result of one of these occasions was my first self published book "Elmer Elf Saves Christmas."
I went on to college in 1991 to pursue a teaching career. I've spent 12 years teaching students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. I continue to write for enjoyment and for the pleasure of my students. My inspiration often comes from my students and family.
In 2009, I began working with Tate Publishing to create my first traditionally published book. "CJ In a Pickle" was inspired though my experiences as a parent.

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