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"Sister" by Rob Smith
This is currently my only published collection of poems. While it does not include "Sister" five pieces have been set to music in a song cycle. (More on this later!)

For the New Year, I share one of my latest poems:




When mother went away

to care for the baby,

sister took charge.

It was the way it had to be

with little brothers, and

mother being so soon


Father was busy

working all the numbers,

but seeing only dead ends.

Strong children rise

to needs unspoken knowing

that at the center of a house is a place  

to run when dreams

turn dark,

or teacher says “Everyone, remember

to take your pictures home,

the one you made for your mothers.”

Such a simple thing,

but she went away to care for the baby never seen,

and such schoolwork was loaded into a dresser drawer


‘til sister would bring out her

drawings to lay

side by side

in a children’s gallery

seen by no adult eyes.

It was the best she could arrange.

It was the way it had to be

with mother so far away.

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what more can be said....poignant, and sad, too.  Thanks for sharing with us.

jet door, too