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Have Book, Will Travel

I suspect that every published author has experienced the dread and delight of book promotion. Success is really an art form, and sometimes simple survival is a good outcome. A first warning for newbies is that "all venues are not created equal." If you are the keynoter at a conference and your books are on the back table, you will have an easier time than on "Local Authors' Day" at the nearby bookstore. Those events require the skills of a good carny, and heaven help you if you are sandwiched between two people whose grandchildren, neices, and nephews all choose to visit and take pictures with their cell phones.


This week I had a signing at John Q's Steakhouse in Cleveland. It was different, being surrounded by hungry people rather than competing titles. On the other hand, readers (like writers) eat! It was a very pleasant event, and it makes me wonder where books will take authors in the future. Bookstores have run on hard times, and fiction from small presses by unknown authors don't automatically fly of the cyber shelves of online sellers. Where have your books taken you? And where do you think we'll be tomorrow?