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Hi, I'll be teaching this July at the 2009 Iowa Summer Writing Festival in lovely Iowa City, IA. Come join me there. This is what I'll be doing: Advanced Novel Workshop, July 5-10 Taking the Breaks Off:  How to Begin Your Novel, July 12-17 How to Create Characters, Or Why it Takes Two to Tango,...
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Today, over 300 bloggers, including bestsellers, Emmy winners, movie makers, and publishing houses have come together to talk about THE LIAR'S DIARY by Patry Francis. Why? To give the book the attention it deserves on its release day while Patry takes the time she needs to heal from cancer. First,...
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Where does the urge to write come from? Yesterday was my daughter Maia's fifth birthday. It was misty with rain and shockingly cold--by which I mean sixty degrees--so we moved all the party gear inside from the backyard. The house was then full of little girls drifting around in poufy sequined...
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