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The Harvesting - Ripping Tales by Robert Alford

"There may not be a perfect crime but there is near perfection in some criminals. These 'harvesters of man' wander the Earth avoiding capture or detection. You seldom learn of their horrendous crimes unless they are accidentally uncovered and even then, they are hushed up and spirited away to unknown locations, to await their fate from a justice system who would rather forget their atrocities than alert the public of their crimes." - Thomas Sheppard 2009.

Those were my words way back then, in a now historic letter to the World Council . I made the mistake of giving my opinion, the council agreed and drafted me to my present position.

Those were my words and I am, did I mention, uniquely qualified for this job, which I will explain later, until then, my code name is "Reaper".

For ten years my job was to detect these vile creatures and bring them to justice but that was before "The Times" , now my job is to terminate them, with extreme prejudice, wherever I find them. I am above the law and operate on a charter from the Supreme Council of the Earth Church and International Law, which gives me the authority and tools to pursue this race of evil and ready the Earth for "End of Days" I track them to hells gate and sometimes beyond.

Case 1. Killing Field:

April 1st 8am. London's tube system near Tottenham Court Road. It was an old abandoned subway station that had not been used in many decades. Now it is one of the British Tubes long abandoned, so called "Ghost Stations". It was formally called British Museum Station and as I walked with investigators toward the sight, down the dimly lit tracks, you could feel the death all around you.

There were only a few body parts on the tracks and only a little blood, much less than the situation I had been alerted to, so I signaled for the transportation trolley to enter the tunnel to take me to the next station, where the commuter train had stopped and the full brunt of the tragedy was first revealed. "We've closed down the line for a mile, in all directions and we can expand the quarantined area if needed and we have seven hundred heavily armed officers topside" he said as we boarded the trolley. "That won't be needed" I said "When we get to the platform, have you and your men clear out and I'll get in touch with you when they are needed". As we approached the station, I stepped out and the investigator insisted, "well at least let us leave a few men here with you. They say this is the worst they have seen". I ignored his words and walked away as the trolley rolled off "Just maintain your distance and let nothing and no one out , not even me". " But what about you?" he asked. I did not reply I had to get to work.

I could smell the specter and I could sense that he was watching, I knew that his pale eyes were fixated on me, even in the darkness. My next move would be crucial and there was no time to think.


From a series of short stories, inspired by true life events and dreams...anticipated release date Dec. 2010.....Ripping Tales by Robert Alford