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The 8 on Broad Street - The Gleaming

It was midnight and the day had been fruitless. The city was on alert and what few citizens were out into the night, walked in groups of three or four sometimes more. It was as if everyone and the entire city were in lock down mode.

People scampered by, afraid of their own shadows and were keeping in tight formation. They all knew of him, though no one could identify his face and that would allow him to walk freely among them for a while longer. For now, he was happy to sit in the shadows of this dark alley while watching the parade of souls stroll by in the tidy groups.

He knew that he could still strike as he had done before when similar alerts were called. He would just make adjustments and change his style to match the new situation. But this time it was different, he felt insulted even pitied by this pathetic display. Tonight would have to be a special night, one that would put an end to this idea of safety in numbers and relative safety, yes, tonight they must see that there is no hope for anyone or anything living.

He sat and pondered the situation, he knew that he could get the job done but if any one survived he could be identified and that would not allow him to move freely about. But most importantly it might remove or limit his ability to eat at the diner and he may have to give up those lovely eggs.

He thought deeply as another group of strollers approached him from the wet foggy street. There looked to be about eight of them, all male and they showed signs that they had been drinking.

One in the group was a young man in a blue jacket and he was yelling something about being ashamed of his friends for not standing up to someone in a place they had just visited. They ignored him as they walked, which only seemed to irritate their friend further.

The young man ran to the front of the group and walked backwards for a few moments while chastising his friends for their obvious cowardly retreat.

As they approached and passed, the man in the blue jacket noticed that there was an extra man in the group that was now following them. And he tried to focus his drunk and tired eye's to find the identity of the massive and very tall hooded follower.

When a street lamp they passed partially illuminated his face, the man could see that he was not a part of their group and signaled his friends to look behind them. They thought it was the booze still talking and continued to walk on unaware of the unspeakable danger lurking just over their shoulders.

The man in the blue jacket tried to see again who the follower was by letting the group go a little past him so that he could make out the stranger more clearly.

As the new stroller approached, he could see the hate in his eyes and the rage. He started to call out to his friends once more but was silenced by a 28-inch blade that cut through his neck like butter and his headless body slumped to the ground in a quiet heap, the only sound being the pulsing squirt of blood.

This would have been enough on most nights but tonight he felt that the city needed to be taught a lesson and his rage could not be controlled. He waded into the men; decapitating two more from behind before the others could turn around. The frenzy of murder continued until there was only one man left standing.

The young man stood in paralyzing silence as the man approached to within inches of his face. He wet his pants as the stranger circled him and thunderously spoke.

" Lets see what you are really made of. Can you see the gleaming? " He growled from under the dark hood. As he stared deep into his eyes of his victim he was astonished further as the eyes began to glow and sink inward as if they were whirlpools. All inside them were sights of agony and pain and a fire burned red, in some sort of hell reflected in his dark orbs. The man lifted him up and stared even deeper and the young man could see white light shining through a cloud of mist and someone standing there, someone terrible, even more awful than the man about to slaughter him now. The specter was waving him forward, beckoning for him to follow. " You see it don't you?" " What do you see, what do you see, tell me what is it that you see?"

The young man tried to answer but could not speak. It was too much for him and as he began to pass out. He could remember hearing a voice as he started to lose consciousness repeating, " I have found you, we will speak again. Remember all and we will end the Gleaming."

He placed the boy carefully to the ground and away from his slaughtered friends, removing a piece of identification from the young mans wallet, he retreated back to the shadows.

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