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The Story of Saint Catrick

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Maybe a bit like Wind in the Willows, except with a socio-political slant, it's about ethnic reconciliation, using animal species instead of human ethnic groups.

Catrick, a cat living in cat society, realises that the Maker didn't create animals to eat oneanother, but through the knowledge of the Maker animals will stop hurting each other. Catrick sets out to spread the knowledge of the Maker in the city of Catropolis where he lives, and begins to affect other cats, as well as rodents living in the various rodent ghettoes.

A species war is raging -- the rodents are fighting to free themselves from the shackles of cat-rule, and the cats generally assume they are the superior species. But as Catrick's message gains influence, it becomes a three way battle.

It seemed simple and straightforward at first, but neither Catrick nor his friend, David Mousecovitz realised what they are in for -- political agendas, prejudices, memories of past atrocities, fears, and countless reasons for not doing the obvious.

This might be about Northern Ireland, or it might be about Neo Nazis vs the Jews, or maybe blacks vs whites, or about Yugoslavia, Indonesia, or any one of countless focal points of cultural intolerance -- it's about what those who are truly committed to peace and reconciliation must be prepared to face.