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Deephaven, MN
Jan 2010

1.)  ROB SEVERSON grew up in Harmony, Minnesota, and graduated from Luther College. When not working or volunteering, Rob enjoys traveling with his family, playing golf, making new connections and trying on new hats. He lives with his wife Judy in Deephaven, Minnesota. He is the author of Connecting Peace, Purpose and Prosperity ~ Simple Fundamentals for living a happy, joyous & stress free life!


I have had the privilege of gaining extensive knowledge, experience, and relationships during my 38-year career. I’ve been a borrower, a venture capitalist, a lender, and a banker. Now I am putting all of this to good use as a financing coach. My mission is to invest in you what I have had the privilege to learn through 38 years of experience in business, lending, banking, financing, negotiating, relationship-building and much more.

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Author of Connecting Peace, Prosperity & Purpose ~ A Survival Memoir

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