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"Tantric Zoo" by Rob Loughran REVIEW
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Jessica Lay
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I’ve read and reviewed Rob’s short story TAPFOS. It, in my opinion is a great buy for 99 cents, a funny read and while it goes all over the place with so much happening in a short span it’s funny and that clearly is the aim. A book about vulva shaped aliens will have many a vagina joke, Rob does not fail there.


Following that review Rob kindly sent me two other books of his. The first Tantric Zoo I’ve read and enjoyed. While it too has sex jokes and endless slang terms for penis used it is a different read. This one is more serious but still Rob’s humor shines through. I like that as I too can make sexual innuendo about anything. It’s my thing what can I say.

Tantric Zoo is a book split in two parts the first half is focused on a sex retreat very new age sex therapy. We meet our couples, the hosts and the visitors. Four couples total. This part of the story I enjoyed, getting to know the characters as their time at the retreat goes by. Rob does a great job with his characters you enjoy them and get to know them well.

A reporter who comes into the picture slows the story down some till near the end of the first half which finishes with a death. Who’s? Not saying, read the book. The death and cover up picks the story back up. The second half begins with the corpse being found and a search for who the body is and who put him/her there. Bud Warhol the anthropologist who clearly can’t sit back and leave a mystery be ( imagine that ) is another great character. This second half of the book I blazed through and really enjoyed.  Bud’s a great character and his search leads him to where our original characters lives have taken them. Post dead body, post cover up.

Tantric Zoo is not perfect but fun and entertaining. It’s a great vacation read, by the pool read or take it on your own sex retreat read. Rob honors his characters by fleshing them out for us. He I suspect put Mrs. Loughran to work in his research of the Kama Sutra. The description of the characters in these positions is funny and I’m sure Mrs. Loughran pulled a muscle or two in Rob’s research, yet it worked out as these are great moments in the book. The mystery comes to an abrupt end after the build up but Rob strings us along for quite some time making us wonder who did it. Good and fun as usual from Rob and I thank him for letting me read another of his books.

"Tantric Zoo" a mystery novel reviewed by Jessica Lay