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Carefully Written and Ingenious
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Dorothy May Mercer

"Beautiful Lies" a hard-boiled crime novel by Rob Loughran is a carefully written and ingenious glimpse into the mind of a thrill killer, what he is thinking, what makes him tick and how he feels before, during and after the murder. The murder scene, itself, is amazing in its detail. The protagonist Darren Elmore, owns a vineyard and winery and is a well respected member of the community, and yet the author makes us believe and understand Darren is capable of the ghastly act, merely for the thrill of doing it and getting away with it. As the story progresses we glimpse into the fascinating world of wines and winemaking. The antagonist is an equally nasty guy who attempts to blackmail Elmore. We wonder which of these two bad guys will end up the winner. As with any entertaining mystery story, the ending will surprise you.

Dorothy May Mercer



Beautiful Lies by Rob Loughran