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Beautiful Lies by Rob Loughran
Published by Amazon Review
A thrill kill, gruesome murder, blackmail - and sex - a steamy combination that the author blends seamlessly together. And the kicker is it is one of the best written books I've...
Beautiful Lies by Rob Loughran
Published by Amazon Review
I definitely enjoyed this book. It's a great story, one that explores the dark side of "normal" people who might think about doing something "wrong" but never act on it...until...
Beautiful Lies by Rob Loughran
Published by Smashwords.com
"Beautiful Lies" a hard-boiled crime novel by Rob Loughran is a carefully written and ingenious glimpse into the mind of a thrill killer, what he is thinking, what makes him...
The Smartest Kid in Petaluma by Rob Loughran
Published by Amazon.com
Most Helpful Customer Reviews     Smart kid with a problem May 31, 2012 By Charles T. Markee The Smartest Kid in Petaluma Norman has got a problem...
700+ pages of jokes. $2.99
Published by https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/60538
Review by: dullens on March 26, 2012 : This book has many jokes. A LOT! (on kindle, the total location is bigger than 17.000)....
Tantric Zoo: A Bud Warhol Mystery
Published by http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/76067
Rob Loughran's great sense of humor and place shine through in this fun read. The well named detective Bud Warhol and odd assortment of characters kept me going as I set down...
Published by Amazon.com
Not since I read The Milagro Beanfield War and The Hotel New Hampshire have I encountered such eclectic, quirky characters in a story that is so much fun to read. I suppose one...
Tantric Zoo: A Bud Warhol Mystery
Published by Midwest Review http://www.midwestbookreview.com/sbw/dec_11.htm#Mystery/Suspense
Tantric Zoo Rob Loughran Foul Mouthed Bard Press PO Box 2344 Windsor, CA 95492 580005538559, $11.26, www.robloughranbooks.com A little sex turns into something much dirtier. "...
Tantric Zoo: A Bud Warhol Mystery
Published by Jess Resides Here http://frellathon.com/2011/12/09/tantric-zoo-by-rob-loughran-review/
I’ve read and reviewed Rob’s short story TAPFOS. It, in my opinion is a great buy for 99 cents, a funny read and while it goes all over the place with so much happening in a...
Published by Vine Times
High Steaks is smartass, erudite and intriguing. The characters have surprising backgrounds that serve...
Tantric Zoo: A Bud Warhol Mystery
Published by www.smashwords.com/profile/view/robloughranbooks
Tantric Zoo begins in 1987 at Tantricity Hill with four very different couples in different stages of their lives. Altair and his wife Apple run Tantricity Hill. The other...