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The End of Another Summer

It's that time of year again, when summer has come to an end.  Good times have been had and storms have been weathered and now it's time to get down to business.  The kids are in school and already asking when their next "break" is.  "Good grief," I tell them, "School just started two weeks ago".  But I find myself doing the same thing: Wondering when my next break will be. 

 Sure there are the upcoming fall and winter holidays, but what is it about summer that makes it so unique?  Most adults don't get the summer off like children do; in fact, most people are scrambling to find temporary daycare for said kids so they will be looked after during typical work days.   There will be some who will take a two-week vacation with their families, but I find the child in me still gets excited when it's simply summertime. 

Maybe it's the longer days where sunshine seems to last forever.  Maybe it's the prospect of lying by the clear blue pool or building massive sand castles on the beach.  Or maybe, it's the memories of childhood days gone by and that familiar feeling of contentment simply because it's summer.  I think for me it's a combination.  But there is something remarkable about feeling contentment simply because it's summertime.