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End the Silence
Gregory Colbert

End the Silence


The ponderings of time shock me. The older I get time seems to be whizzing by faster. A month goes by in the flash of a head spin. A week disappears entirely with that one sock. Now all of a sudden, a year has gone by and 2011 has snuck up. A perspective my daughter finds quit silly. Her eleven-year-old eyes see the arms on the clock ticking way to slow for her taste. A world with no computers even worse, no cell phone completely baffles her. I giggle as I tell her about my reality growing up. In the days before cell phones when we needed a quarter to call home. Many of us have watched the imaginations of Sci-Fi writers become our reality. Many of us have enjoyed the gadgets and technology produced by our advancements. We continuously progress towards higher technologies around the globe. Our daily lives are filled with the benefits of technology; nevertheless, this is not without a price. Our environment is paying the price for all our choices in turn all of life is paying.


Can we live only one way?

Death of Nature for Technology or

Death of Technology for Nature

Is there a middle ground we can stand on?

We need to decide for time is ticking….



In comparison to the history of humans socially, the technological advancements that took place in one millennium still have humans socially chumming with Neanderthals.

The world of movies is a good example of the speed at which we have advanced technologically. The first silent movie Roundhay Garden Scene was produced in 1888 totally amazing folks that it was even possible. One hundred years later in 1988, no comparison can even be made between movies. Star Wars had been out for eleven years already. There is a marvel of change in thirty years. The major increase of quality in graphics from the Star Wars: Episode IV  A New Hope (1977) compared to the Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005).

The state of the environment is ridiculously controversial in my opinion. All one has to do is turn on the news and listen for all the weather changes and natural disasters worldwide to know something is up. Global Warming or Change is viewed as a problem for some, a crisis to others, and entirely made up to some people. The fact is the Earth’s natural climate changes of highs and lows have historically moved with evolution limiting the number of extinctions at a given time. The few times there has been a mass extinction external forces have affected climate change and natural disasters. For instance, the external force for the Dinosaur extinction was a meteorite. The external force accelerates natural climate changes causing the process to be unnatural in turn throwing off the functioning of nature. Right now, changes within climates are moving faster than evolution. The Polar Bears can vouch for that. Today, the rate of extinction is almost ten-thousand times the natural extinction rate. We are the exterior force at play.


The Earth is crying from our torment of pollution and resource stripping.


There is a probability the Earth will become inhabitable in the future for us. There is a chance this will not happen anytime soon if we can make changes today. Some people reach for the stars for solutions, while, others see the solution as going away from technology and living off the earth again. These are two extreme ideas when most people fall somewhere in between in their thinking.


If we look at life as a train traveling down a track, the environment is the conditions of the cars, and the cars carry all life including us. Each car can hold a different opinion but overall it does not matter if the cars are falling apart. What matters is doing the maintenance required to keep the cars going down the track. That we find a mutual understanding of saving the life already present. People need to come together with their many different opinions, put aside, for the well-being of the environment. The condition of the cars we travel in day by day through life.


In the pool of opinions on the solutions for the environment there is a man named Gregory Colbert  that produced an incredible film called Ashes and Snow. Here are his words on the film, “When I started Ashes and Snow in 1992, I set out to explore the relationship between man and animals from the inside out. In discovering the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working towards restoring the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals.”


Colbert and others believe solutions can be found in the relationship of humans and animals. In the past and in some communities today, an interconnection exists between animals and humans. A relationship built on respect and equality. A relationship we can learn from today.


We can learn from the past.


There is a middle ground for us to stand on residing with balance. A balance of the natural world and our technological lives needs to be found for change. A compromise needs to be made for life.  A resolution for life and it has to be global. The whole Earth is connected by water and air currents. What one group does affects another group half way around the Earth. Currently, we are far from a global resolution; actually, from even sitting down at the table with honest intensions. It is still essential we do our part individually and in our communities with voices, hands, and action.


We need to voice the importance

  Global Resolution

for the


 All of Life!

that means us too


Science Fiction tells of both sides of possible outcomes of our history. There are stories of the death of nature for technology and stories where people coexist in balance with the natural world and a technological life. Mad Max and The End of the World are good examples of a world with the death of nature. Definitely, not a world we would want our children living in and growing up. A matter of fact, it is not a suitable life for any future generations. We can try to avoid that scenario by slowing down our continual progress towards higher technologies and fighting for global environmental protection to be established.

It’s time for action!

Time is ticking - faster than we think.


The numerous angles of time surprise us. There are many different perspectives of time from people’s varying speed views all the way to the lengthy time of Geology. In an unpredictable time in between, the clock is ticking down and we are running out of drinking water around the world. There are places already with no safe drinking water, other places that are sparse, and still others where it is OK for now. Today, there are 1.1 billion people lacking access to safe drinking water in the world for agriculture and consumption. That number will continue to grow in the years to come causing a chain reaction of mass extinction and natural disasters. It will not happen in your lifetime and may not happen in your child’s either. A future generation will end up living that reality. How soon it happens depends on us. We are feeling the affects already today and they are only to get worse. Water shortage, dying trees, and sinkholes are a few examples. Our actions are necessary. You could start right now by making a New Years resolution to protect the environment with your voice and hands through the actions of your own capacity. The children of the future depend on it. All life from Palm trees to wolves depend upon our actions. It is time to end the silence.



End the Silence

The Earth is crying

tears of a thousand waters

gray and polluted.

She screams for the countless

extinct and the mass on the road.

She glares at the stealing and

stripping of what we call resources.

She mourns the lost bond

between animals and humans.

Tears are shed as anger boils.


The Earth is hopeful we wake soon

from our imprudent ways

realizing all life is interconnected.

Bones of granite, she continues

to fight against our abuse.

A raging battle of life and death

we ignore as a whole.

It is time we end the silence

time we wake and come together

Unite for Global Resolution!

                ©River Urke 12/10


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