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                                               A great novel will draw you in with its pages of characters and story capturing you. They carry you to the edge of what is real and what is imaginary, fading the lines in between. We can usually assume the story is fictional if not deemed with...
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    Her roots travel miles long  buried deep below her soles wondrous unforgettable moments next to grueling times of hell paths of fading footprints tell of lessons learned, even at ninety.   Years drawn in lines upon her face sagging boobs and slow steps carry endless hidden...
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Gregory Colbert
End the Silence 2011 The ponderings of time shock me. The older I get time seems to be whizzing by faster. A month goes by in the flash of a head spin. A week disappears entirely with that one sock. Now all of a sudden, a year has gone by and 2011 has snuck up. A perspective my daughter finds quit...
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Hanukkah and Christmas are the two winter celebrations or holidays exceedingly acknowledged in many places around the globe. Recently, the US has begun recognizing the African celebration Kwanzaa as a winter holiday and teaching about it in the public schools. I guess it is a start, right?  A start...
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I remember as a child a family where the father walked with a cane and his left hand was curled inward. I thought it was weird and I felt bad for the two kids. I remember thinking that the kids must feel so embarrassed of their dad.  Now, I am that dad minus the curled in left hand with a child at...
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thanks to goggle images
 There are beautiful gardens all over the world each with their own aesthetic attractions. A few of these well-known gardens are the Ryōan-ji a Japanese rock garden in Japan, the Chateau de Versailles in France, and the Missouri Botanical Garden, USA. They appeal to our senses and ideas of beauty...
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The Bite
Giddy laughter echoes through the rooms as the boxes that will transform our home are being dragged out from storage. Jack ’o’ Lanterns, skeletons, black cats, fake blood on fangs, and witches begin emerging from the boxes. Our once modest living room starts to take the shape of a witches...
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  On the floor, I stand motionless soaking in the rhythm absorbing the beats feeling the music from within. My hips are the first to move to the rhythmic muse pulsing through my body. My legs are next steps that match the sway to my hips. My back and shoulders respond with a lift and a twist...
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at Dusk, it Begins…. stillness shields the air andparched earth from the humid day it begins to lightly rain a burst of lightbrightens the dusk lit evediminishing the calmannouncing the arrival from the West come windslifting trees into slow dance echoes of thunder vibratebeats from...
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