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Rita Schiano's Books

Live A Flourishing Life
Combines the wisdom of ancient Greek philosophers with 21st century resilience-building and stress management techniques. Rita Schiano melded her three professions — philosophy instructor, stress management trainer, and writer — to create Live A Flourishing Life™. The workbook includes numerous exercises and quizzes to help you dig deep into your life story to uncover and...
In 2001, while researching the online archives of her hometown newspaper for a client, freelance writer Rita Schiano stumbled upon archived stories about her father's murder and the possible mob connections that led to his death. This brief visit to her past inspired her to look deeply into the heart of her childhood. The journey she embarked on was nothing she could have ever...
From the moment writer Jenny Ceretti spots Susan Fredrickson at the Village Coffeehouse, her serene life begins to change. As their friendship explodes into a tempestuous love affair, Jenny discovers that all is not as it appears. While Susan is haunted by a terrifying past, Jenny comes face-to-face with past ghosts that no longer will stay hidden. Sweet Bitter Love explores a...