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8 Ways to Bring Stillness into Your Life
“A practical resource for understanding and managing stress and building the skills and attitudes that make for resilience.” — Dr. Ron Breazeale, clinical psychologist
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Introducing silence into your life may not only counterbalance the stress effect, it may help you achieve mindful awareness and inner peace.

Several months ago I interviewed Anne D. LeClaire, author of "Listening Below the Noise." The book -- part memoir, part philosophical reflection -- is a look at the importance of silence as a means of achieving awareness and inner peace. Since 1992, Anne has practiced silence on the first and third Monday of each month. For 24 hours, she does not speak. Her commitment to silence did not come without challenges. The benefits derived, however, outweigh any bumps along the road to peace and serenity.

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Note: Thank you Gina and the Red Room crew for making this happen! - Gratefully,  Rita

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