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Yea or Nay

Dad has trouble saying what he feels, thus changes his mind often.  One minute it’s a yes and no sooner than the next minute it’s no.  This can go back and forth many times over one situation.  I have grown used to it and just go along with every yes or no until the verdict is in.

The phone rang all afternoon.  One ring I pick up and it’s a yes.  Another ring and it’s a no.  One step away the phone rings again and it’s a yes.  Just about to take my seat and the phone rings with a no.  Finally, I am able to sit.  The answer is yes.

I think it has to do with my being available or not.  When I was initially available it was a yes.  Then I suddenly became unavailable and it turned to a no.  I understand that he has trouble saying what he feels but I thought he’d be okay with alternative company in my absence.

Apparently not ok.  I think that with fathers being attuned and attentive is just as important.  I’ve been so caught up with my own motherly duties, I forget about dad.  I take for granted that he’ll be fine with a plan B.

So what about Dad?  Nothing really, except that his yea and his nay means more than just a plain yes or no.  It takes a little maneuvering in and around to get the final answer but the overall verdict:  Great Dad!

I took him to the open market just before his plan B and every suggestion I made was a yes!  Happy with the variety of little delights he just bought, looks like he’ll be ok with plan B.

Whew!  I made for lost time.