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Wishful Thinking

Only recently did I learn about the theory behind geese flying in v formation.  

It’s a great example of teamwork, loyalty and unity to live by. 

Science states that the entire flock adds 71% to their flying range when they fly together.

When one falls off for whatever reason, two or three fall off too and keep watch over the fallen one until he is able to fly again.

Meanwhile, other geese replace fallen ones to keep within the v formation.

They are beautiful to look at above the sky.

They fly so swiftly!  Gliding seems effortless.

The path wherever destination leads, they clearly own.


I am at an intersection right now feeling ambivalent about direction. 

Forward is easy but it’s the turns that confuse me and bog me down.

I wish I had flock to help guide me in my path.

The characters that hover are not the kind that you can identify with like geese.


Life constantly reminds me that I am owed nothing.

It is I that I owe to myself to live fully and live well.

Most things I’ve learned to accept.

Other things I am still learning to embrace.

All in all, I think that I have learned well.


I do wish though that I were part of a flock flying in one direction that I truly know and clearly see that is right for me.

When I am uncertain or fearful, I the fallen one, would have an anchor to assure me of decisions that I have taken to own.

50% at the intersection, now I have to figure out which way would increase my flying range.


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I'm with you, Rina!

Let's see if we can find sufficient others to get the flock out of here. Until then, safe flight.


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thanks for looking out

thanks for looking out Michael!  :-)

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I'm with you, too. Fly well.

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Keep flying..

Get well, fallen one, and go on with your flight when the time is right.  We can't fly with  you where you are going, but your RR friends are watching over you.

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Thank you Sue, thank you

Thank you Sue, thank you Eva!  RR has not failed me.  I am so grateful that I have a virtual place to just be.  Here, nobody knows me except through my page -- no biases, no one taking sides, no preconceived thoughts--just pure and genuine desire from one writer to another, one blogger to another to wish everyone well in anything and everything!  I am back up in the sky!   :-)