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Tribute to a Gracious Lady

I was fortunate enough to have met her three times before she passed away.

The first time I met her, I was immediately embraced by her warmth and maternal love.

She had a gentle yet overwhelming positive way of making me feel welcome in her home.

It was humbling.


She looked me in the eye and smiled, “you’re very beautiful.”

Holding both her hands I thanked her with utmost gratitude squeezing them tightly.

She recognized me from the inside.

Her admiration for a stranger she had just met brought me to tears inside.

I felt validation in its purest form.


However brief the moment, I will never forget the way she looked at me.

Her eyes full of love and her smile as if telling me, “You’ll be fine.  You are right on track.”

Thank you, Mrs. Regina Dee.

You opened your heart and your home to anyone and everyone seeking to find inner peace.

You gave me the peace of mind I needed to keep on going.


How blessed you are to be in heaven with the Angels.

You will be dearly missed.

I will always remember you with kindness, humility and everlasting love.