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The week has come to an end and dad is home.

I brought lunch from the Thai Restaurant nearby.

He liked it!


But he was tired.

It was a quick meal and off he went to his bedroom.

I felt unsettled.

His sense of humor was missing today.


It takes a total of four and a half hours for every dialysis session.

Multiply that by three.

I think it’s a little much for him to take weekly for the rest of his life.


Dialysis is a real test of one’s patience.

Not a trait that Dad excelled in. 

He never enjoyed sitting and waiting around for things to happen.

Now he left with no a choice but to grin and bear it.


I’ve been thinking of what to suggest that will help him pass time.

I have a full day tomorrow.

Maybe he’ll have visitors at home to keep him company.


I can tell that he keeps track of who comes to visit.

“So and so has not showed up, maybe they’re busy.“

I make up an excuse afraid that he may be feeling bad.

From the corner of his eye he observes and I can see that he clearly remembers.


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He truly appreciated your

He truly appreciated your company and the lunch, even if he didn't show it.

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I'd like to believe that

I'd like to believe that Steven.  He said Thank You as he stood up from the table and walked away to his bedroom. Today, I brought him a delicious slice of salted chocolate cake :-)

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If your father is anything

If your father is anything like mine was, those two words are the equivalent of dozens of words from someone else.  My father never said anything he didn't truly mean.  If he said "Thank you," he meant it.  That, and so much more--so much more that he couldn't possibly put into words.

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My father sounds just like

My father sounds just like yours!  Thanks for the encouragement.  I think that's what makes it difficult when they don't express themselves openly, we are left with second guessing, trying to make sure we read the signs correctly and as best as we possibly can...