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Seizing the Day

My friend who had a kidney transplant has been in and out of the hospital again.

I only have a moment to seize with her when she is able to send out text messages. 

I send her messages the rest of the day hoping that they are read.


My father begins pre-dialysis preparation today.

It’s been long overdue.

On my way to visiting him last night he asked for dark chocolates, his favorite.

I swung by the store and picked up a couple of chocolate bars.

The night before it all begins is my best moment to seize.

I shut the door behind me with fingers crossed praying that all will be well.


It was a good coaching Monday.

I arrived a few minutes early and there was a long line outside the Guidance office.

I wondered what the boys were cuing for.  “Good afternoon, Mam”.

I walked into my room and the Guidance Head announced, “The boys are ready for you!”

They seized my moment!


Either way, I hope I lived it well.