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Our Feelings Ate Us!

It was too good to be true!


And I thought it was all for a worthy cause.

After all, I was being a supportive mom.


What a big prize to pay for enjoying every moment of cake.

High levels of cholesterol and sugar!  Runs in the family.

At my age, I have to put up a good fight to keep my arteries free and clear.

Something has to give!  Cake or my heart.


M2 is dealing with a break up.

Her feelings ate all of her!

It’s always tough on young girls.

But she’s managing better every day.


Without cake for now, that is.

Who else would enjoy having her cake, eating her feelings with her!?

Shopping therapy will have to do for now.

I went to my favorite second hand bookstore.


I found a book with a dedication:

“To Mom, I love you and hope that 2004 is good for all of us.”

Signed, Priscilla.

I am grateful.


It’s not so bad giving up cake to keep a good heart.

Half the year gone by, so far it’s been a good journey for the girls and I.

I hope Priscilla and her mom are fine.

It's a worthy book she gave to her mom.


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Eating you cake and having it too.

Interesting poem. I also hope Prisvilla and her mom are doing fine in 2013.  Glad Priscilla gave you a gift you needed.  Hope your daughter develops a way of incorporating her feelings into her learning about life process and is soon happy again. Mother-daughter relationships are rarely a piece of cake, but you seem to be doing well.