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One less...

From this point on, it’s one less person to see.

One less person to pray with everyday.

One less place setting at the Sunday table.

One less person to set a date with.


Yes, my life is one less of everything from this point on.

With mom gone, my daily routine is one less in my list of errands to do.

One less here on this earth but one more in heaven to look after me.

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Always, We're Children

We always have them with us. It took me a long time, after my mother died, to ba able to write anything about her that was worth reading. Too soon is usually too raw. I don't spend a lot of time on the subject now, but have written a few things I think are well done.

Here's one: Thank You, Katherine

And here's another (about her last moments): Later She Said

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thank you Ron sharing. 

thank you Ron sharing.  Very heartwarming to read.  Mothers are truly special!