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Mind, Body & Soul

My thoughts have been waking me up at 3 am these past days.

I wish they gave me some consideration waiting until 4 am, my normal waking hour.

My mind is always ahead of my body clock.

Sometimes he stays awake all night causing me lack of sound sleep.


Stubborn mind has trouble listening to my body.

When he needs to unload thoughts he starts a race inside my brain.

My thoughts begin circling round and round until I finally give in to waking up.


My body has no choice but to follow suit and warm up with my cup of coffee.

Sometimes I find myself calling out to my soul, “Where are you?”

As if my body needs to be rescued from my restless mind.

But my soul is nowhere in sight.  She remains tucked in her quiet world.


Maybe if mind and soul met half way my body would feel relief.

The fatigue sometimes gets to me.

But more often than not, it’s the result of happy exhaustion.


Mind at work, body in school and soul calling home.


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Rina, this is lovely.  I was

Rina, this is lovely.  I was awake, not by choice, at three this morning, and this describes beautifully how it felt, trying to chase down sleep again as it ran away laughingly.

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That's the question, isn't it?

It's hard enough adapting to Daylight Savings Time and springing ahead and falling back, but our minds, souls and bodies have their own time zones. Some apparently don't recognize the others' authority and one or two of them may be a day ahead or behind, as well.

It's interesting when the body awakes first. It stumbles around, hitting the bathroom, drinking water, gazing out the window, struggling to tell time. When my mind awakens, it's a sharp click - on - and I don't know how to turn it off or kill the power. 

My soul is a lurker, like the cat, raising its head when it awakens to see what's going on, not overly perturbed, settling into a new position and drifting off again. It's old, though. It's seen it all.

Lovely post, Rina. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

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Thanks for stopping by Susan

Thanks for stopping by Susan and Michael.  The mind is powerful and when it wants to play tricks on you, it's our body that takes the raw end of the deal :-)

Souls love to wander off, lurk in some dark hidden crevice of our bodies and if they want to remain silent and undisturbed, they have the ability to do just that!

I was trying to make light of my feeling fatigue!