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Knit Me a Story I Can't Tell

The thing about knitting is that it diverts my attention from doing anything else.   Facebook and Yahoo stop, DVD on hold, chores are pushed aside and the kitchen ends up waiting.

I’ll rush home itching to pick up my needles and I’ll knit and knit and continue on until the very last minute when I have to put my needles down just to prepare dinner.

While knitting, I’ll think of all the other things I should be doing like replying to messages, filing, sorting laundry, tending to minor home repairs and even talking to people. 

The thing about knitting is that sitting quietly knit after knit turns me inward and makes me forget about everything else.

I’ll ignore my surroundings and I’ll shut out all forms of noise.  My eyes focused on my knitting project, I’ll knit to my heart’s delight talking in silence as if only yarn and needles in between my hands can hear.  I’ll carry on a monologue in my head keeping myself entertained while knitting.

I’ll forget how annoying my Sunday has been, I’ll forgive myself for being short fused and I’ll gain a little more patience counting every knit and purl.

The only thing I don’t like about knitting is that it takes my time away from Red Room.  I log in less and I forget where I last left off reading blogs.  Much as I love to knit, I hate that it takes up all my energy leaving no reserve for writing. 

If my stash of yarn could talk, one would hear the kind stories I would not be able to write down so easily.  With every little project completed an intimate story lies hidden in between rows of yarn.