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Keeping my Life in Order

Prayer and chores go together.

This is how I am able to keep myself together.

As I putter in the kitchen, chopping carrots and onions, my mind is in prayer.


While the chicken bakes, I think about my exam today and ask for divine guidance.

I pray for my father and the girls not in a traditional sense but when I’m getting the days meals together.

It’s a busy day today.


Sorting out the laundry is like sorting out what works and what needs fixing.

Self-worth and self-esteem with a line of virtues to string along.

The cycle continues day after day, not repetitive at all.


Every passing day is different.

So many things to be thankful for while doing house chores.

So many graces to be mindful of in between chopping and sautéing.


The art of cooking, the craftiness of chores and colorful prayer.

This is what helps keep my life together.

When my home is in order then I know my mind and heart are in place too.


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Being constant in prayer in season and out...

Prayer goes well with our daily tasks for those we love. And giving order to a home is time well invested.  I love your last line.