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Journey of Faith

Faith is believing that time will extend long enough for me to study for my final exam.

Faith is trusting in my ability to deliver my best presentation.

Faith will help me stretch my patience.

The journey will allow me keep on trying.

Ill keep on flowing like a river that never ends.

Faith means see you later and not goodbye.

Even when there’s nothing and no one to hold on to I won’t fall.

Faith will keep me going until I get to the top.

And when dad is gone Faith will remind me that my life can go on.


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Rina, So very true. Annette


So very true.


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Simply true

I have faith.  It's hard sometimes, but I tend to agree with you.  It helps.

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Faith is a wonderful gift to us.  You are correct.  Life will go on without your dad.  And so will your memories and all he has taught you and helped you to become.