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I remember Oprah talked about her journals in one of her shows.  She said that she wanted them burned when she passes away.

I thought to myself, “What would I want to do with my journals and my blogs when I die?”

I don’t mind being turned into ashes but I do mind and request that my books not be burned.

I think that if my children were up to it I would not mind at all if they read them.  I trust that they would understand the depth of my privacy and would respect that in reading them it is all for good and positive intentions.

Who knows?  They may want to turn my blogs and parts of my journals into a book!  I’d be happy if they did that in my memory.  Right now, turning my blogs into a book remains on my bucket list.  I don’t know a thing about making books.  I can make almost anything with my crafty hands but making a book sounds very complicated and intimidating.  If I could simply arrange my blogs like putting together a casserole of Lasagna and then hand them over to a publisher and let them do the baking and finishing that would be spectacular but I know, that’s not the way good books are made.

I think that if my daughters read my blogs they would see a different side of me and have a better appreciation of the real me, understanding parts of me that others could not figure out.  I think that they would learn a lesson or two or maybe even three from the many stories of my life that I have put in writing.

So definitely I would not want my journals and my blogs cremated.  I would appreciate them being kept and preserved, shared with whomever they would like to share them with.  They document many significant chapters of my personal journey and to have them burned and turned into ashes is like killing my spirit, forgetting who I truly was.

On the lighter side, anything I may have written in offense or a revelation or two that I may have declared… oh well, I’m dead!  Nothing anyone can do to get back at me!


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Enjoyed this.

I too would not want my journals cremated. That word choice and your last paragraph made me laugh.  I am often writing for 200 years from now because I know how happy I would be if I could find anything written down by an ancestor.   Unfortunately I have nothing but signatures and a couple of lists from one set of grandparents and absolutely nothing from the other two.  (I only knew one of the four.  She died when Iwas six.)  I am sure your daughters and their children will cherish your journals.  I hope you put together the book, however, so you can hold it in your hands and enjoy it.



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Hi Sue, thank you for the

Hi Sue, thank you for the encouragement!  Have a blessed holiday season :-)