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I, Me and Myself

Four days is good enough.  The girls went on a short trip and I have the silence and comfort of home with lots of space all to myself.

Perfect timing!  Classes have ended giving me time to wake up a little later and lounge around without having to rush out to get my day started.

We’re on a five-day work holiday too in observation of the Holy Week for us Catholics.   The roads are empty and the mood is solemn.  I have more than enough time for spiritual reflection.

I did a bit of spring-cleaning and brought out my suitcase for our trip.  I know, it’s still 10 days away, but I’m a planner so now is the right time to sort, plan and set aside what goes into the suitcase.

I made reservations for the car rental, placed an order at Amazon for my sign language books and started to plot Dad’s holiday itinerary.  I’ll take him to the local bookstore this afternoon and to church tomorrow.

In between, I have time for lunch with a new friend and hopefully tea and chit chat with an old friend I have not seen.  Catching up on DVD at night makes for great relaxation too!

I still have my books on the table.  Sign language does not stop.  I’m trying to learn new vocabulary on my own and reviewing what I already know.

I hunger for more knowledge in sign language.  There was something about that moment one on one with my deaf evaluator that shook me inside.  I don’t know what the word is to describe how I felt.  I cannot explain it.

All I know is during that very moment in the room when I had no one to rely on but myself, I realized that if I was to survive any situation in life, I would have to be at my most courageous with full belief in myself that I could overcome anything.

Nothing could be more difficult than being stuck in a place or a situation wherein one’s will to survive does not kick in.  And to think I was just in a room with a deaf person, sitting down in my chair, one on one waiting for her to begin signing questions that I needed to translate.

It felt like my fate was in her hands.  I realized that only I had control of the outcome of my situation.  Either I make it or I don’t.  Either I try or I give up.  Either I focus or stray.  Either I fight to win or accept defeat.

In the end, it’s how well I did that got me through.  It’s a big lesson learned that certainly can be applied to my everyday life.


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I occurs to me..

I was just just thinking that, now that you can sign, you can walk through a crowd talking to yourself and no one think you're a little batty.

No, wait....

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Even better Ron, I can

Even better Ron, I can actually play deaf!  Just this morning I was a bit annoyed at the lady in the supermarket counter and I simply gave her my deaf ear and refused to listen to what she was trying to tell me :-)  Then I started "pretend" signing and that's it, everyone backed off!... considering that I'm a regular shopper in the supermarket and I normally have voice, today the staff wondered what happened to me!?!  I have no doubt I looked a little batty but it was fun!  At least I had a good laugh :-)