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Habagat vs. Amihan

The “hanging habagat”, Filipino term known as the southwest monsoon is a natural phenomenon that starts during the summer months in the northern hemisphere when the Asiatic continent becomes warmer than the surrounding areas.


As a result, a low-pressure area develops over the continent. This happens when a large mass of air rises, causing low pressure in the area the mass left empty and inducing air from over the ocean to flow towards the continent.

The winds, rushing toward the low-pressure area, carry heat and water vapor which, when passing across the Philippines, becomes the prevailing winds in the country.

On the other hand, the "hanging amihan" also known as the northeast monsoon draws "cold, dry air" from icy Siberia, China and Japan.

In essence, the cause of Metro Manila going under water was due to the hanging habagat and not a typhoon.

I am braver now considering that I don’t have to sleep and wake up to howling winds, just torrential rains pouring.

But I am saddened and emotionally displaced seeing the devastation around me.

Now it’s thunder that is frightening me.  Water and thunder do not blend well.

Uncle Sam’s representative whom we all look up to is half way down under water.

Every time I hear thunder rolling, I no longer believe God and his Angels are bowling in heaven.

It’s a warning sign that the rains are coming again.