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Flipping Pancakes

“Pancakes please!”  M2 asked with a big smile on her face as I walked in the door.

I had to grin and bear the stress of dealing with my cancelled flight.  I waited it out for 10 hours before I finally boarded my plane back home.

Barbara has been with us for almost 20 years and she’s great with all the household chores and trusted in my absence but she can’t flip pancakes.

Whenever I go on a trip, flipping pancakes stops.  M2 has to settle for cereal or fruit for breakfast or broken pancakes.

Depending on how bad the flipping process, the pancakes still taste just as good only they look like they’ve suffered major trauma while flipping over.

I can’t teach how to flip pancakes.  I believe it’s all in the hand.  The swiftness of lifting the bottom just at the right time that the batter has almost come together so that it does not fall apart when flipping over.

I think that flipping pancakes is a skill.  Either one is good at flipping or not.  There is no in between.  An in between flipper of pancakes results in a half-baked looking pancake.  Either the sides fall off or the pancake takes its on shape geographically depending on where the batter ran off to as it was being flipped.

Forget airplane fatigue, there is no place like home when it comes to flipping pancakes!


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Pancake flipping ~

I believe it's like hitting a curve ball with power - a little art, skill, and hand-eye coordination.  

For the pancakes, I believe the proper grease and temp is needed;  patience to not continually check it to see if it's ready to flip, but then the courage to make the move when the bubbles stop rising and breaking in the batter, and the edges begin to firm and darken.  Then that sure move is needed, with the right spatula, too.  

But it begins with the right batter consistency and pan.  Things like blueberries in the batter can complicate the flip.

Oh, boy.  Now I want some pancakes.  

Thanks for a tasty post.  Cheers

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It's all about precision

It's all about precision Michael!  It's an artform that requires knowledge about pancake varieties and most of all experience in dealing with various add ons to the pancake batter :-)

Finally, it's about being flexible with the size!  M2 woke up this morning asking for just a small pancake to get her day started - that means just pouring in the right amount of batter to make a small pancake!

Enjoy your pancakes Michael!




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I had an embarrassing moment

I had an embarrassing moment recently that will tell you everything you need to know about me and preparing food.  A vet recently said that my dog had to eat boiled chicken, so I went to the supermarket and asked a flabbergasted kid behind the counter where the boiled chicken was.  Apparently you have to just buy the chicken and boil it yourself.  Who knew?

If I were to correctly flip a pancake, I'd feel like Emeril.

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Oh  boy Steven.... this tops

Oh  boy Steven.... this tops the list!!!  this is good - really good!  I am laughing hard!  :-)))  I have no doubt you excel in other areas as far related to the kitchen! I assume you bought the chicken and boiled it???? heeee heeee heeee!

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Flipping pancakes

My daughter once called and asked me to "text" my pancake recipe.  "I know the technique, Mom, " she pre-empted before I could speak.  "I just need the recipe." 

"Get a piece of paper and a pen," I instructed.

I told a friend of this conversation.  "You have to stop being the "uber-Mom," she said.  You should have texted back, "Bisquick."

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Oh dear!  your daughter does

Oh dear!  your daughter does have a point :-) but then again, why bother asking you for a recipe if all she needed is Bisquick!  Funny!!!