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Far Out But Not Lost

“You seem lost.” 

M2 gazed at me as she left for the gym.

I stared back at her, “bye.”  And then I thought to myself.

Am I?


“She makes my stomach happy.”

My father said so while eating Chinese dumplings and a steamed bun.

I packed in Japanese soft cake too that looked more like a donut to me.

He absolutely delighted himself with the goodies I sent him.


“Don’t forget to viber me the next time you eat out with Lolo.”

Lolo means grandfather in Filipino.

My eight-year-old nephew who loves to eat reminded me today.

He’s quite an adorable kid actually.


“Something will happen for you too.  I believe it.”

This was a really nice message a friend sent me this morning.

It raised my hopes and made my day.

Life is a maze alright but I am not lost.


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I love the juxtaposition of

I love the juxtaposition of the quotes with your thoughts about them.  Clever! And poetic, too.   ~nan


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I believe it, too.

Something will happen for you.

Wishing you well as I enjoy your poems.

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And something did happen for

And something did happen for me!  Your kind words turned into gold :-)