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Epiphany Shower

Funny how things in my life have a way of clicking when I am in the shower.

I don’t recall the last time we spoke.

I vaguely remember what the topic was about that led to my cutting the cord.


While in the shower today something lifted up from inside of me.

I realized that I was carrying an empty sack of burden.

I never read the messages so there was no way of knowing what was said.           


My decision to cut had no bearing on was deleted.

It was a simple choice I made to begin my process of healing.

I am finally able to let it all go.


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I wish you strength and

I wish you strength and courage in your healing process.  May your path be increasingly filled with sunlight, rainbows and happy dreams.

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Thank you Katherine for the

Thank you Katherine for the kind words.  I will have a blessed Christmas!  Thanks to this illuminating realization!! Wishing you all the best and warm love this season.