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My cholesterol readings are high.

Thing is, I love eggs!

I can live on egg salad sandwiches everyday.

But ever since the cholesterol warning signs lit up I had to watch my egg intake.

When I am in the supermarket I literally stare at them wishing I could load a carton in my cart.

All sorts of desires and thoughts enter my mind while staring at them.

Eat the whites and discard the yolk?

No way!  An egg is not an egg without the yolk!

An egg every other day or three times a week could still be a lot to take in.

Forget it!  Either I not think about eggs or gamble on my health.

Eggbeaters?  Not the same!

There’s something delightful about mornings in the kitchen breaking open an egg.

Like a nice surprise awaits the cracking of shells!

I don’t have a long-term plan for my relationship with eggs but I do have a short-term solution to get my egg fix.

I could bring 2 eggs a day to work and stuff them into the eyes of the storm and maybe that would temper the tsunami?


Not the best option but at least I get my egg fix!







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Egg Blogs (Self-promotion)

I, too, have this thing about eggs; or at least about things with eggy names. My two favorite egg blogs:

EGGS OVER TOKYO  http://eggsovertokyo.blogspot.com

SCRAMBLED, NOT FRIED  http://rlavalette.wordpress.com

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your eggs are one of a kind! 

your eggs are one of a kind!  :-)


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I Was Just Reading

that the cholesterol in your body has very little to do with the cholesterol in your food. It's more genetic - how your body processes it. So enjoy your eggs!

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Admittedly it's in our

Admittedly it's in our genes.  Both sides of the family!  Nothing like a warm hard boiled egg with a pinch of sea salt!  hard to resist.


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Don't think too much, just

Don't think too much, just enjoy with little caution. A doctor's advice from India.

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Great piece of advise Jitu! 

Great piece of advise Jitu!  I think more than I eat :-)  I should find a healthy balance.  Thanks for the widom!

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I like your sense of humor

I like your sense of humor there at the end, Rina. I know when things get a little tough at work, I have to kick my levity into gear.

Speaking of eggs...goodness me, I adore eggs. Eating a couple of over easy eggs with toast is like heaven to my taste buds. And of course one of my favorite ways to enjoy eggs is with pieces of corn tortillas sautéed in a little butter and olive oil until the tortillas a little bit crispy, then I add two eggs and start scrambling them right there in the pan, sprinkle on garlic salt, a dash of pepper and I'm happy. This is one of my comfort foods. It's a Mexican dish called chilaquiles; this is just a simple variation from my childhood. : )

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Rebb!  I am salivating

Rebb!  I am salivating reading mexican eggs!!  That sounds really good, something I will try as I always have tortillas in my fridge :-)

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Over Easy

Sorry I couldn't respond right away. I've been scrambling to come up with the right words: you crack me up. Great yolks! Note: I'm trying to egg you on.



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I was wondering whether my

I was wondering whether my eggs would be good enough for your wit!  You eventually showed up over easy!