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Doing Nothing

It’s been a while since I put myself on top of my list.

It’s about time I give myself a break!

After all, I’m turning 50 in 2 months.


Went shopping.

Ate a big chocolate chip cookie.

Watched Eat, Pray, Love.


Went shopping again.

Ate another big chocolate chip cookie.

Bought candles and incense.


Went for a long run.

Indulged in a hefty bowl of pasta.

Spent the afternoon outdoors.


I almost forgot what it felt like to make me a priority.

Am so glad I took the time to pay attention to me.

It felt really good doing nothing, ending up with something for myself!

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Days Gone By

I used to pamper myself.  Now I just pay people to do it for me. Sometimes I get tired, watching them do my jogging, though; and I never burden them with eating my large chocolate chip cookies for me.  Some things ya just gotta do yoursel, y'know? 

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Thanks for the humor Ron!

Thanks for the humor Ron!  :-)


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Rina, Good for you! It's all


Good for you! It's all part of the transition from primarily being mother and daughter, and maybe partner, to being yourself, first and foremost!



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Thanks Annette!  I needed to

Thanks Annette!  I needed to hear this validation and coming from you, I feel good!  :-)

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Taking care of Rina...

This should be a priority. (But I know from experience we forget this important person who needs care.)  Glad you remembered.

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Hi Sue!  Nice to see you

Hi Sue!  Nice to see you again.  I am glad I remembered myself too!  I had a wonderful time going on a date with myself and I felt energized once again.  :-)