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Déjà Vu

I was sitting in counseling class the other day listening to my teacher give the lecture when in a flash of a moment I realized that I had been in the same class before.

A split hair of a second, I had already been where I was.  Or seen what I was seeing.  Or experienced what I was experiencing.

Had I dreamt about my future at some point in my life earlier?  Without doubt I recall sitting in class and looking at my teacher.  What happened before or after has no relevance.

Something inside of me nudged.  It wasn’t eerie or strange, but more like affirmation that I had stepped into my future.

I don’t know what the point is.  Maybe I’m one of those that do dream into the future.  Maybe I’m one of those that time travels in my sleep.

Forget about trying to figure out the scientific phenomena.  The fact that my memory sharply recalls one split second of my unconscious doing elates me because it only validates what a good memory I have.

Just what I need for sign language mastery!


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Déjà Vu

I copied your title because I had no idea how to punctuate those words.

To those of us who have never experienced Déjà Vu, this does sound eerie and somewhat frightening.  I used to ask students (for some reason--can't remember why) how many had experienced Déjà Vu, and more had than hadn't.  I consider it probably a gift or hereditary trait that some of us have and some haven't.  Had you ever experienced this before?  (Did not sound like it.) 


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My laptop automatically

My laptop automatically punctuates words for me :-)

I've had other Déjà Vu experiences in the past on rare occasion.  But I no longer remember them.  Whenever I experience Déjà Vu I will remember it for a few days and then totally forget it ever happened.  I was particularly delighted with this latest experience because it means something to me.  In the past, my experiences would just be familiarity with a place or occasion.  When I realized that I had already sat in that class "before" it was like something was telling me "you're on the right track, keep moving forward".  And for whatever it's worth, it's validation that I appreciate.  If this is the kind of "gift" that  not everyone has then I take it as a blessing!

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Rina, It must feel good to be

Rina, It must feel good to be making such progress! Your first encounter, mirror reflections, and the gift of Deja Vu. Your optimism and positive attitude, along with these little nudges will carry you through.