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Click, click... GONE.

I was caught off guard and unaware with a conversation that started out pleasant but turned out to be loaded with tension.

I hate that I was unable to get rid of the agony inside of me caused by one’s interior struggles.  My life or hers? 

I did not know what to make of the throes coming from the rambling of messages.  A click open and it felt too complex to read, I clicked delete.

A few hours later, another click to empty trash permanently releasing the tension before it further entangled my insides.  I never read the messages.

It felt good.  I felt I a sense of relief letting it all go without the need to know what was said.  After all, second hand information more often than not is tainted with bias and opinion especially when it comes from a source that is not pure.

Thank God for technology!  Disentangling oneself is quick and easy!

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Standing up for yourself and being decisive about how you spend your time and with whom you spend it is challenging but rewarding as you have stated. It's an ongoing process, based on values and how much you respect yourself and your friends. It sounds like the conversations were a very negative drain on you and you made a choice to keep that out of your thinking. Nice.


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Thanks Christine, I have to

Thanks Christine, I have to remember the jist of what you said... standing up for myself and respecting myself.  I forget sometimes to put my foot down.  I appreciate the reminder :-)