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Boxes of Things

In my box of treasures I keep letters from the girls. 

When I ended my marriage a decade ago, they were quite young.

I wanted to make sure they had a healthy outlet to release any fears or anxieties.  So I thought of gathering in a circle every night to write and exchanged letters.


In my box of treasures I keep in a tiny 35mm film container the umbilical cord of my girls, what was left of it before it fell off their belly buttons.

I was told not to discard them but to store them together and in doing so, the girls would grow up and remain close one another for life.


In my box of treasures I keep mementos of Kyoto, my favorite place to be in.

I kept my company ID to remind me of how it all started.  The beginning and end of my career, a turning point in my life.

In my box of treasures I keep old photos of mom and dad.  I have a photo or two of my wedding day too. 

I store them for the girls.  Just how I like to look at mom and dad in their younger days, maybe the girls would be curious what I looked like the day I married their father.


I have many boxes of treasures.  A wooden box wrapped in an image of an angel to store postcard journals.

I have a harajuku tin canister where I store miniature photos, frames, a name bracelet and shells that my daughter picked for me on her first trip to the beach.


I don’t have an empty box to keep.  I am blessed that bits and pieces of my life are stored in many boxes.


One day, my girls will open all these boxes.