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Better Safe than Sorry

My daughter always gives me this “look” when I’m giving her instructions.  It’s that kind of look that tells you, “You need to relax” or that deep penetrating look that tells you, “You are overly neurotic creating problems that don’t even exist.”

I don’t think that it’s life threatening however I probably have a personality quirk like a computer glitch that goes boink every so often?  I think that my kind of glitch is simply one’s natural reaction in attempting to manage everyday life in an efficient manner.  When I’m done with dispatching my instructions, I goof in reply, “I failed to get diagnosed.”  She rolls her eyes and the story ends.

I like to give precise and detailed instructions.  I casually repeat myself until I feel satisfied that my instructions are absorbed and understood.  A blank stare or an expressionless face does me no good so I repeat the process.  My daughter feels it’s overkill and my instructions could be simplified.  I think that sometimes it’s necessary to repeat oneself in order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.  I think that it’s good to be thorough when communicating.  I like to have clarity in everything I say and do.  Black and white is much better than gray.  On the other hand, it’s the cat and mouse paranoia that runs around in my little head causing me to repeat myself.  I take it lightly, after all, an artist or a writer I bet has that same whirling feeling like a tsunami inside their head.

Sometimes when you hold back something that should be said the lack of clarity causes more confusion.  The energy around gets confused and emits the wrong signals causing bewilderment. 

It’s like making soup.  Clear broth is always nicer and better tasting than foggy broth right?  It takes a while for the scum to surface but if you give it time, the yucky stuff rises to the top making it easy for you to discard.  The analogy is the same with life.  Repetition ensures clearing out the bugs that may cause a glitch.  So if I go a little overboard with instructions, it’s not a bad thing, is it?


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Detailed instructions aren't bad at all

Miss Rina,

It's alright to go over and over when it comes to giving instructions. I mean, by experience I also get exasperated when my mom goes all paranoid when I'm about to do something. When I deviate from what she said, I usually find myself in a rut (which she had envisioned before) and realize that, yup, mom knows best


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Yes, Exasperated is the

Yes, Exasperated is the reaction I get too from my daughter!  But thanks for the boost of confidence - mom's almost always know best :-)

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I usually try to give the big picture first time through, then repeat the instructions in greater details. Then I tell them that I won't go through it again if they can repeat back to me what needs to be done.

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I'm not sure if your way or

I'm not sure if your way or my way is the lesser of two evils :-)  Thanks Ron!