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Three years gone by without words.

Out of the blue it all comes back like it never left.


A mind full is not mindful.

Only in stillness one would know.


Ask and you shall receive.

Speculate and you get nothing.


Forgiveness is letting go no matter how hard.

Acceptance is taking it all in no matter what.


Like a pressure tank that needs to be released.

Tears flooded my eyes for reasons I have no words for.


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Ask and You Shall Receive

I like your poetry, Rina. Your images and words are beautiful.

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Hello Eva!  Thanks for

Hello Eva!  Thanks for visiting.  Sorry it took a while to get back to you, my email and RR are not in good terms.  They have a misunderstanding that is refusing to be fixed so I don't get email prompts from comments as I used to and now have to go in manually to check who's come to visit my blog house.  I hope all is well with you?  Anything missing on your end?  any conquests to share?  You know I always enjoy a good blog from you!