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A Symphony of Seasons

The hissing and the howling has not let up. 

It’s been coming and going for days now and although the rainy season is here, the abrupt pounding of the wind and sudden downpour of rain and then a sudden halt and still many repeat performances thereafter within the day is quite strange.

I don’t normally have a problem sleeping through downpour but this time around the symphony performing outside my window has been unusually chaotic and messy and unnerves me.

I pulled out an old DVD of Little House on the Prairie.  The Ingalls family was celebrating Christmas in the dead of winter.

I remember as a child how I used to love watching this series.  The minute I heard the opening music and ran down the hallway toward the television just like Laura did running down the mountain hill.

Her smile and her innocence painted a pretty picture of what summer was like in open field.

I’d sit glued to the television and imagine what my life would be like out in the wilderness.  Simple and uncomplicated, free and easy, I always thought.

That show never ran out of love.  Ma and Pa were always so gentle and kind around their children.  It was rare to see anyone break into an outburst.

Abundant love flowed and went around in an endless happy circle.

It’s quiet again this early morning.   I wonder what it is about stormy weather that seems to play louder at night?

Could it be my hearing that intensifies when darkness falls?


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We had a wicked storm come

We had a wicked storm come through today while I was at the office. It's so unnerving when it storms, isn't it?

Oh, I remember the Christmas episode of LHOTP, where the Ingalls girls were so happy to get an orange, a pair of mittens and a pepermint stick in their stockings! How wonderful to be delighted at so little. 

Can you imagine the storms they must have endured in that little log cabin?

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Hi Jodi!  That's the exact

Hi Jodi!  That's the exact episode I was watching last night!  They were given tin cups as well and the girls were so delighted to have their very own drinking cups.  Less is more indeed! I felt I was taken back in time and realized that even if only for a moment I forgot about the chaos outside my window and let go of my fear.  :-)  

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You got me remembering too

You got me remembering too Rina and like Jodi I do recall the Christmas episode vividly. I must have cried each time I watched that show  and later read the book  to my boys when they were young. Thanks for the memory. m

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Isn't it amazing that we

Isn't it amazing that we three were each so touched by that one television show? The power of storytelling!

The sun is back today for us here, Rina. In fact, it's extremely hot and humid outside, like walking through steaming soup. Hope the storms are long gone out your window, too!

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the sun peeked for no more

the sun peeked for no more than 10 minutes today and then wet, wet, wet, all day............... :-(  I'll need another episode of LHOTP to warm me up :-)

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Rina, I hate storms, and


I hate storms, and always had to put on a brave front for the kids while quaking silently.

The Little House books was the first "book series" that I discovered as a child. I have read and re-read the books over and over. I liked the series, but often got frustrated by the plots that strayed so far from the books (although that particular episode followed the book.)

I guess I will always be one of those annoying people who loves the book over the movie or tv version. ( Non- readers tend to make snarky comments to those of us who prefer the book!)

Hope the rain lets up soon.


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Hi Annette!  You know, I

Hi Annette!  You know, I always thought that Nancy Drew series topped LHOTP book series...

Many areas are submerged in water and I am out of Little House DVD's to keep me warm and dry :-)

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 Can you imagine the storms they must have endured in that little log cabin?

I belong to a writers group where an elderly man was writing his family history. He was fortunate enough to have cassette tapes of his old uncles telling family stories of life in Nebraska out on the prairie in the 1800s.

The most frightening story, and something none of us in this day and age had thought of, was when a blizzard covered the cabin entirely. The snow was so deep that no light came into the house. They had to dig out of the door to renew their orientation. We learned that to live in darkness for a prolonged period could cause mental problems. Pioneers were a lot braver and heartier than we had imagined.

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Hi Dolores!  Funny that you

Hi Dolores!  Funny that you mentioned being covered entirely by a blizzard.  In the Christmas episode of Little House, they were actually snowed in!  On Christmas day when Pa opened the door they were greeted by ice!  Snow had buried their entire entrance and they had to climb the window on the loft to get out!  Nevertheless, the entire Ingalls family were so happy to be together on Christmas Day -  no sign of anxiety or mental problems at all!  :-)