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A Mother's Worst Nightmare

What is it about motherhood that pushes one to the edge?  Casey definitely lost her sanity somewhere along the way before, in between and after her daughter’s disappearance and the verdict.

I’m no perfect mother either but I always made it a point to get up and send my girls off to school even after a late night out drinking.  I’d fall right back to sleep after they’ve left.  I made sure I was awake, alert and re-charged by the time school was over.

Food was never a problem.  Some nights take out if I came home late from the office.  The freezer packed full to the brim each time I had to go on a business trip.  I made sure that there was enough to eat until I returned from my trip.

I imagine what I would do if one of my daughters accidentally drowned.  I’d be hysterical for sure!  I would never conceive of lying or concealing the accident.  I would probably run to my sister’s house next door and scream for help.  I would probably throw up from trauma.

I would not conceal the accident.  I would not lie or run away from the truth.  I would face the music and deal with the reality.  I would beg for help as I imagine I would be total wreck!

If somebody killed my daughter, I think that I would totally lose my sanity.  I would turn numb from the pain.  I’d go blind from despair of seeing my daughter lifeless.  I would wail so loud, I’d probably go deaf.  I would torture myself so badly that my insides will bleed me to death.

Watching Casey, I cannot imagine how she could have enjoyed a moment after her daughter went missing.  It does not make sense. 

Motherhood and the likes of Casey don’t fit.  When a mother loses a child, life is just never the same.

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you are so cool

I was deeply affected by the case also, gosh, I don't know how to explain how a jury found her innocent. No normal person would go five minutes without going crazy if they thought their kid was missing. She has video of her renting videos trouncing around with her guy friend. Unbelievable. What is worse is that she planted the body near her parents trying to implicate them.

My guess is she has a terrible genetic personality disorder. Wires crossed in the frontal lobe. In the future I am certain they will be able to look at the activity on video with brain scans and be able to tell if someone is able to register being truthful; brain imaging and brain function is going to be very interesting in the future. Anyway, I think she is sick and incurable so her future children will be at grave risk.

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thanks Chris.  She's a

thanks Chris.  She's a pretty looking mother!  Looking at her, its hard to imagine her insides are haywire.  Very sad outcome.  Makes me wonder how she sleeps,  what she sees when she looks at the mirror, does she digest her food well when she eats....  as I sit writing this, I am glued to watching The Today Show all the way from the Philippines.  Thank God for live feed from cable!  Cheers :-)

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You know Chris...  watching

You know Chris...  watching the sentencing of Casey Anthony, although she does have a pretty face, she looks viscious and scary.  She does not look pretty nice, she looks pretty scary!  It's like I get this creepy feeling about her.  If there was a kind of body sensor that when you put on a person's face would turn red if they had undesirable motives, I think that when put on Casey, it the sensor would fly off it's handle and send off a screeching sound of warning in flashing red lights!

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yes, she is a very sick chick in a basically thin body for an american. juries are fickle. i rely on science. also rely on rational thinking. a lot of people like to jump to conclusions. me like Bill Clinton likes to base things on substantiated facts. I think that jury basically sentenced her future children to grave risk. I have no doubt she will do the same thing with the next kid.