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99 Bottles of BEER on the Wall

I’m not a beer drinker but I enjoy good tasting beer once in a while.

My daughter started her first day at work giving her something to do in between coming home and going back to College in June. 

Mid afternoon I received a text message from her. “ Mom, let’s have dinner tonight at Draft.”  “Sure!”  I replied smiling and looking forward to having a good bottle of beer.

We sat at the bar and looked at one another.  We didn’t know a thing about ordering beer!  I called the attention of the bar tender and asked for some help.

I ended up with a bottle of dark wheat beer and my daughter chose Strongbow.  Oh I was in heaven after my first gulp of Paulaner Dunkel Beer!  In between bites of fish and chips and mozzarella cheese balls, the beer hit the right spot.  It’s been a really long time since I last enjoyed beer.

The place was buzzing with noise and oddly I did not seem to mind at all.  Thanks to my Paulaner, I was a happy mommy celebrating with M2 her first successful day at work.

I am hooked back into beer!