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Las Vegas
Sep 2008

I am a 54 year old self-taught health and fitness expert, author, bodybuilder, and business entrepreneur. I have been featured in Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, AXL, Health Smart, 944, MAQ, and LVAC Magazines and seen on FOX 5 TV. I write columns for two national magazines and have won the only two bodybuilding contests I have ever entered. My expertise lies in the fields of mind-body connection, nutrition, strength training, and supplementation. My paperback,Total Health For Life, Mind & Body, The Baby Boomer’s Bible of Health is for sale on Amazon.com…learn how to achieve optimal health, prevent disease and reverse aging, and train your mind to become successful at anything, in just 7 HOURS A WEEK!


I self publish on Createspace under Amazon.

Interests & Hobbies

Keeping fit, writing, traveling, music, movies, photography, etc.