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Writing life and life in writing

I just spent more than twenty years of my life as a writer. Nothing extraordinary about that except that I should have been a lawyer. 

My father wanted me to be a barrister and I, myself, wanted to become one. But, The Fates are always more knowledgeable. Had I become a lawyer, I would not have suffered what I'm suffering now.

Being a writer in the Philippines is always a struggle. For, there's always, always many things to write. My country is something like a Picaso painting--there's always more than one thing that meets the eye.

A man of letters however, is always relegated to the dingy places in society. Here, you earn your spurs by having that bar placement. I don't have it. For I don't want to write lies that eventually comes to life as truth.

Writing for me, is always reflective of life. Whatever life is, or becomes, it's a joy to write it. But, it does'nt pay to be a writer in this country. If you write the truth, you'll either get shot or ostracized. And why is that?

People don't always want to hear the Truth. They live in their own tiny planets that revolves around themselves. Those universes of thought that they have are their realities. If you write another planet, you risk being blown to pieces.

I joined the Red Room because I think I can say what I want here. There's no one to be accounted for, nothing to be ashamed at. The joy of writing should be shared to all.