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19 Aug 2009 8:00 pm
19 Aug 2009 9:00 pm

Associate in Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History, Contributing Editor of Natural History magazine and author of the just-released "Darwin's Universe"
Discussion of his new book, "Darwin's Universe"
8:00 PM EDT/ 5:00 PM PDT (1 hour call + Q&A)

Wednesday, August 19, at 8pm eastern time, we will have a live phone-based discussion with Richard Milner about his new book, "Darwin's Universe." Hosted by The Reading Odyssey and the Darwin Facebook project. Sponsors include Citrix Online and HiDefConferencing.
Milner will help to set context for our 150th Anniversary Lecture Series to begin in September by talking broadly about Darwin, evolution and Milner's new book which catalogs the scientific, cultural, political impact of the theory of evolution. Milner shares with the Reading Odyssey community the idea that we have a lot to learn from the great thinkers, great books and ideas of the past - and that we can "talk" to those thinkers and learn from them. As Milner says in his introduction, there is a lot of value to creating a conversation with Darwin. "Despite our conviction that present scientific knowledge surpasses anything known a century ago, we can still learn a great deal by 'talking over' the great questions of evolution and science with Darwin and his friends."